8 things to keep the F1 fan entertained over the winter


Winter can be a difficult time for the Formula 1 fan. A season has just passed, and your weekends suddenly feel strangely empty. Without a regular stream of F1 news to keep you entertained, you feel bored, longing for March when the lights go out in Melbourne.

But do not fear! Here I have compiled a list of ten things for the F1 fan to do over the winter break.

01) Watch Formula E

If there’s a motorsport-shaped hole in your life without the presence of F1, Formula E is the answer. Season 5 has just got underway, and the next round takes place in Marrakesh on 12 January. The F1 fan will recognise many familiar faces, such as Felipe Massa, Jean-Eric Vergne and Stoffel Vandoorne, who previously raced in F1. With a wide variety of locations and close racing, FE is a great way to ensure motorsport has a constant presence in your life.

02) Read F1 books

Reading some F1-related books is a great way to get your F1 fix. Kimi Raikkonen has recently released his brand new biography, and it joins a collection of countless others that are available to buy and read (especially since this is the time of massive post-Christmas sales). My personal favourite is the autobiography of Marc Priestley (also known as Elvis, guess why), which documents his time working with David Coulthard, Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton at McLaren. It provides great insight and demonstrates how fun and wild F1 can be. Here’s a link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mechanic-Secret-World-F1-Pitlane/dp/178729000X

03) Rewatch old races

This may seem obvious, but by rewatching old races, you can relive the excitement you felt watching the race for the first time. Or, even better, watch a race that you haven’t seem before. Many older races are available on YouTube. Alternatively, a subscription to F1 TV provides a whole archive of classic races available at your fingertips. Right now in the UK, it’s £2.29 a month.

04) Watch F1-related films

This again may seem obvious, but there’s quite a few F1 films out there. My personal favourite is Senna (and I’m sure many agree with me), but there’s also Rush, Williams, 1, and Grand Prix, to name a few.

05) Watch F1 adverts

Yes, this does sound a little weird but hear me out. Over the years, F1 drivers and journalists have partaken in some very strange and entertaining adverts. My personal favourite is Mark Webber’s Canberra Milk Kid advert (link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Be3-J9XtJCw). Many compilations have been made and uploaded to YouTube, and here are a few links to get you started:


06) Join an online F1 group

Reddit and Facebook groups are a good place to start. They are filled with people who love F1 and share lots of news and content, including memes and opinion posts. I’m in a few Facebook groups, such as Formula One News and Memes, Formula One Fans, Formula One Forever, Formula 1 Unlimited, Kimi Raikkonen Fans and Formula 1 Official Fan Group. Try and join the bigger groups, so you will have access to more content.

07) Play a racing game

F1 2018 is a fantastic game, and is available on Xbox and PlayStation. I also recommend Forza; I have fond memories of playing Forza Horizon on my Xbox 360. However, if you don’t have a games console, you don’t have to feel left out. F1 Mobile Racing is available on the app store for free as well.

08) Read Autosport/F1 Racing

Not sponsored, I promise. Autosport and F1 Racing are my two favourite magazines, and they should be yours too. The level of journalism reaches such a high quality and they always think of new angles and stories to cover. Autosport also features a variety of motorsport, unlike F1 Racing, and is available online too. Don’t worry, their coverage is still frequent over the winter break!

And there you have it! My top 8 tips for keeping the F1 fan entertained during the winter.

If you have any questions, or any other ideas to keep the F1 fan busy, comment down below!



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