Arrivabene: Vettel will win Ferrari title “sooner or later”

Ferrari Team Principle Maurizio Arrivabene believes that current driver Sebastian Vettel is bound to win a title with the Scuderia.

Earlier in the season, Vettel was seen as a strong title contender, with Ferrari putting up a strong challenge to Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes.

However, with a 67-point deficit, it has become likely that Vettel will miss out on being crowned Champion this year.

It takes talent and determination otherwise you do not go anywhere,” Arrivabene said to La Repubblica.

Michael Schumacher was like that and Sebastian Vettel is a lot like him as his four world titles won with Red Bull testifying to.

“When I hear him on the radio it’s like talking to Michael. I am sure that sooner or later he will bring the title back to Maranello.”

A series of on-track errors are a testament to Vettel’s trailing second place in the Championship standings, whereas Hamilton has had a string of victories.

Ferrari has not won a Driver’s Championship since 2007 and a Constructor’s Championship since 2008, and have recently faced backlash in the media. However, Arrivabenne says this negativity only pushes the team further away from potential glory.

We do not talk about pressure because we do a particular job too and Ferrari is at the centre of everything,” he added. “In fact, we have to thank the press and the public that is pushing for a return to winning.

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