Raikkonen: Too early to start supporting Vettel in the Championship

Reporting from the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, UK.

Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen believes that it is too early in the season to start supporting teammate Sebastian Vettel in his Championship bid.

In the previous round, in Austria, Raikkonen finished ahead of Vettel, but there was concern that he should have given up his place to assist Vettel in the Championship.

However, Raikkonen insists that the rules are clear at Ferrari and that it was never indicated that he should give up his place to Vettel during the race.

“We’ve always said that we have very clear rules and that’s what we go by since I’ve been in this team,” the Finn said.

We know what will happen and when, and if it comes to that then it’s very normal for us.

It’s only from all you [the media] that you make a big story out of this. At a certain point, it’s always going to happen and that’s more than fair. but right now it’s not the time yet.

Despite being third in the Championship, Raikkonen has yet to win a race compared to Vettel’s three victories.

Obviously Mercedes had two non-finishes, that’s definitively helping me and also helping the team, but that’s part of the game, unfortunately,” added Raikkonen.

Apart from that I think we’ve been doing a pretty solid job but it could always be better.

“We need to make sure those things don’t happen again because you cannot just expect that everybody else has days like that. Maybe ten years ago it was more likely that every team, every car, would stop at some point in a race but we’ve seen in the last few years that’s very unlikely that it will happen.

“It may happen sometimes but you cannot expect it to happen to the others because it has happened to you. It doesn’t work like that anymore. Apart from that it hasn’t been too bad and we try to keep it up and do the best we can and, hopefully, keep scoring good points.

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