Stroll dismissive of Villeneuve’s “negative” comments

Williams’ Lance Stroll has dismissed former Formula 1 driver Jacques Villeneuve’s comments, naming his fellow Canadian “always negative”.

Villeneuve has become recognisable for making radical comments about the F1 paddock and has recently commented on Stroll’s position at Williams, saying that the Wantage-based team have “sold their soul to the billions of Lawrence Stroll” [Lance’s father].

Since Stroll’s debut in 2017, Villeneuve has voiced various opinions about the youngster, naming him “the worst rookie in the history of F1″ and has downplayed his achievements.

Despite the criticism, Stroll has shown dismissal towards these comments.

I don’t pay too much attention to what he’s saying,” he told French media.

“It’s always going to be negative anyway.

“He never supported me, in every sense of the word. He only sees the negative. Even the Baku podium was not a positive in his eyes.”

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