Piquet on Alonso: “There’s always a mess wherever he is”

Former Formula 1 driver Nelson Piquet has spoken about McLaren’s Fernando Alonso, claiming that whichever team the Spaniard drives for, there is always a mess close by.

The Brazilian also believes that it is Alonso’s own fault that he has not seen success in the past ten years.

In the past, Alonso has driven for Renault, where he won two championships in 2005 and 2006, before a difficult time with McLaren which saw him go to Ferrari in a bid for greater success. He is now back with McLaren, who have struggled the past few seasons under a Honda partnership.

Fernando Alonso has had the chance to win up to five world championships, but the reality is that there is always a mess wherever he is,” said Piquet.

He is a fantastic driver,” he added, “But also one who generates a lot of problems and in the end, everyone ends up leaving the team.

Piquet’s son of the same name raced alongside Alonso at Renault in 2008 and 2009, a turbulent time for the team which saw the infamous ‘Crashgate’ controversy.

He is very bad politically in his work on the team,” said Piquet Senior.

When you arrive on a team, at first you must be patient and work together, and later you win, but he always wants the best (straight away), and that is not the best way.


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