Honda have just reached performance levels they hoped to achieve in pre-season testing

According to F1 Chief at Honda Yusuke Hasegawa, the engine suppliers have only just reached the performance levels they hoped to achieve during pre-season testing.

At the start of the season McLaren Honda was plagued by reliability problems, and it was understood that the power unit was shaking itself into failure.

The outfit only achieved a double-points finish at the previous Grand Prix at Hungary, a track with lower emphasis on power unit performance.

It is difficult for me to say it is satisfying,” Hasegawa told Racer.

Maybe the current level of performance is what we had to achieve at the beginning of the season. So for me I’m thinking, ‘At last we can achieve the level of performance we should have been at in Barcelona.’

“So it took around five months. From a normal technical development common sense point of view, to catch up that level in five months, we have to be proud of that.

“However, to match the Formula 1 calendar, it is too late. So I am half relieved and half very disappointed that we could not achieve this level at the beginning of the season.

Although rumours have been spreading about a possible divorce between McLaren and Honda, Hasegawa does not feel worried or that Honda needs to seek assurance about their partnership with McLaren.

Actually we are frequently talking, and we still have very strong communication. So we don’t need to make any special meetings with them,” he added.

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