Palmer’s Renault seat under threat if he doesn’t perform in Monaco

Renault’s Jolyon Palmer may not hold his seat in the team for much longer if he doesn’t perform well in this weekend’s Grand Prix in Monaco.

Paddock talks have revealed that Renault’s CEO Carlos Ghosn has called for drivers of the ability that matches Palmer’s teammate Nico Hulkenberg to be in the car in the medium term, with sights on a World Champion in their car in 2018, which seems most likely to be McLaren’s Fernando Alonso.

In his second season of Formula 1, Palmer has only scored one point during the Malaysian Grand Prix, whilst in comparison, Hulkenberg has already scored 14 points.

At the Spanish Grand Prix, the German came home in 6th place, whilst Palmer only finished 15th.

The Brit has acknowledged the emerging gap between himself and Hulkenberg, admitting “it’s up to me to deliver now”, however it may be too late.

“It’s positive to see the car’s good, but when you’re out in Q1 and your team-mate’s up high in Q3 it’s hurting more because you can see what’s capable,” Palmer spoke during Paddock interviews at Monaco yesterday.

“But there wasn’t so much between us in Barcelona, it was exaggerated Saturday and Sunday, so I know what the car’s capable of and so it’s up to me to deliver now.

“It’s not how I wanted the year to start, it was here [in Monaco] last year where I had the final straw when I ended up in the wall and I thought, ‘this has got to change’.

“I’ve already thought that many times this year, but hopefully it [the situation] will [improve], it’s just a matter of putting a weekend together.

“I think Barcelona on paper was very bad, but the reality was not so bad, so it’s just it needs to come together and then we’ll be there or thereabouts.”

Palmer also added that he has had to deal with challenging technical issues on the car also.

“I’ve had more issues than this time last year,” the Brit added.

“Last year the performance was a lot more in myself, I think, and while this year there’s performance in myself, we’ve lost a lot of track time in most Grands Prix in practice sessions.

“We’ve also had other external issues that I didn’t have so much this time last year.

“I’m disappointed with how it’s gone, but I’m ready to turn it around, I think it’s not that far away from putting it together, and then I can get into a cycle and kick on like last year.”

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