Stroll: The corner was mine

Williams’ Lance Stroll believes that Force India’s Sergio Perez was completely to blame for his crash at last weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix.

The young Canadian was forced to retire from the race after being hit on the left rear of his car by Perez as they fought for position on the first lap of the race, sending Stroll off the track and onto the gravel.

The stewards ruling labelled the collision simply as a ‘racing incident’, however Stroll believes that Perez is to blame.

I was hit from the rear at turn ten and that was the end of my race,” he spoke.

I was in front, knew the corner was mine and had to turn in eventually. It was just unfortunate as that was my race over.

“I got hit and then the car was broken, most likely with a puncture and damaged suspension.

Despite this, Perez has defended himself, stating that Stroll did not give him enough space.

I made a very poor start and lost five or six places before Turn One,” the Mexican spoke.

As soon as I dropped the clutch, I went into wheel spin.

“I recovered some places during lap one, but then there was contact with Stroll in Turn Ten, which gave me a puncture.

“I don’t think he saw me on the inside because he didn’t give me any space.

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