Boullier: Relationship with Honda is at ‘maximum’ strain

McLaren’s racing director Eric Boullier has stated that McLaren’s relationship with engine manufacturer Honda is suffering from ‘maximum’ strain as the team has been burdened with technical issues during pre-season testing.

The marriage between the two has suffered since 2015, where McLaren was burdened with reliability issues.

These issues have resurfaced during the winter testing period before the season begins in Australia later this month.

Albeit Boullier has maintained strong connections with Honda, he has admitted that the issues McLaren are taking a toll on the relationship.

Maximum,” Boullier spoke when asked if there was a strain on the relationship.

But obviously we are in Formula 1, we are racing and we have to perform, so the pressure is obviously huge.

“We put the maximum pressure on all of our relationship with Honda and the same from them. We can’t put a foot wrong, we need to be able to deliver the best car as well, so this is both sides.”

“For the race obviously a lot of it is in the hands of Honda to make sure they investigate properly, they address it properly and we have to rely on our partners that they will do it and we believe they will do it.

“Well it’s always [the problems] been in their court because we are partners but they are responsible for the engine part and we are for the chassis part.

“We have a special relationship obviously, it’s like a work’s team so we are very much involved in both organizations and any support we can bring we will. So if we can do more, we will do more. But I don’t want any distractions from the chassis program as well.”

Despite this, Boullier did reinforce that McLaren has no intention of disconnecting themselves from Honda.

We have a contract in place and actually normally it’s seven years in every marriage or relationship, not three,” Boullier added.

No, we don’t even think about it. There is a solid contract between us, a long-term contract and obviously we want to build on it even if it’s not the ideal times yet.

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