This week in F1 – An overview

Manor under threat

On Friday it was announced that Manor have so far been unable to find an investor to support the team in the coming season. It is now a race against the clock for the team to find a solution before the season begins in Australia on March 26.

Manor are now under threat due to lack of investors.

It is now clear how much damage was caused to loose out on tenth place to Sauber in 2016, where Felipe Nasr managed to score the Swiss team two points at the Brazilian Grand Prix, which took them up to tenth in the Constructor’s Championship standings.

The next few weeks are important to wether or not Manor will be appearing on the gird in Melbourne.

Doubts over Silverstone’s future

The home of the British Grand Prix is decidedly near on making a decision on its long-term future when their contract expires to host the event in 2019.

British Racing Drivers’ Club chairman John Grant has warned of the “potentially ruinous” costs of hosting the Grand Prix after then, placing one of the most popular Grand Prix’s on the circuit under threat.

In 2016, a crowd of 140,000 attended to see Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton claim a third consecutive British Grand Prix win, as it remains one of the firm favourites among fans.

Silverstone attracts huge numbers of people, with thousands attending the British Grand Prix last year.

If Silverstone decides not to extend their contract, then other venues across the country will be considered as a replacement, although it will be challenging to find one with the appropriate requirements met to host a Grand Prix.

Former BRDC president and 1996 World Champion Damon Hill has urged the British government to step in and assist with Silverstone’s financial concerns, reflecting fans’ eagerness to save the track as a Grand Prix host.

Ecclestone’s hopes for a Schumacher return

Bernie Ecclestone has spoken of his hope for the Schumacher name to return to Formula 1 in the future, talking about Michael’s son Mick, who will partake in the Formula 3 Championship in the coming season.

If he is as good as his father, why not?” Ecclestone spoke to German newspaper Bild.

It would be good for Formula One if the name Schumacher was with us again.

Haas’ sponsor struggle

Gene Haas has admitted that the team is struggling to attract big-name sponsors for the 2017 season, even though the 2016 newcomers surpassed expectations last year.

We’ve had more interest and we’re talking to a number of companies but we haven’t had anything in hard writing,” Haas spoke.

I think we will have a couple of associate sponsors but I think we still have to prove we can race at this level.

“Racing, in general, there’s some viewership issues, there’s only a number of viewers you  can provide to potential sponsors.

“So in general I think all racing venues have had issues in terms of sponsors and most of the teams you see here don’t have any major sponsors yet except from the top three of four teams.



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