F1 drivers to be “destroyed” in 2017 cars, Perez predicts

Force India driver Sergio Perez has predicted that the new cars in 2017 following the revamped regulations will “destroy” drivers physically.

The new cars will feature lower, wider bodywork with wider tyres, increasing downforce, therefore exerting more pressure on drivers necks.


The new cars will be wider and lower.

The testing of these cars will begin in Barcelona on February 27, where the drivers will complete more than 100 laps.

Before this, many drivers have increased their training, focusing especially on the neck, which will undertake particular strain.

I’m sure that when we start testing everyone will be destroyed,” Perez reported.

After you stop and you have a couple of months out of the car, it’s very difficult to simulate the same force you get in a car on a machine or whatever where you train.

“So every time you jump in the car again you always suffer with the neck.

“Now that the car’s a bit quicker, I expect everyone in February complaining about the neck – but it’ll be fine by [the first 2017 grand prix in] Melbourne.

The Mexican also reported that he had seen pictures of Force India’s proposed 2017 car, and whilst he is impressed by their exterior appearance, he is concerned about how much they will improve the sport as a show.

They’re going to look quite cool,” he added.

I’m a bit concerned about the spectacle, about how the races are going to be and how difficult the cars are going to be.

“I don’t believe they’re going to be more difficult. They will be more physically demanding but that’s something that we all can get used to.

“The next thing is how difficult they’re going to be, so we will see.

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