Vettel sends text Verstappen to clear the air after Brazilian GP

Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel sent a text to Red Bull’s Max Verstappen to clear the air following their clash at the Interlagos track two weeks ago at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

The German was vocal about expressing his anger when Verstappen pushed him off the track at Juncao whilst fighting for position, describing it as “not correct”.

However, speaking before this weekend’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Verstappen revealed that Vettel sent him a text, and not just to talk about what happened in Brazil.

He sent me a text after the race – but that was mainly about the tyres!” he reported.

We are racing drivers and I think he quickly realised afterwards that he couldn’t hold me behind anyway.

“If we were fighting a lot, maybe he could complain a bit more. But it was a very fair move. In Turn 4, he tried to do the same to me but I quickly realised what he was going to do to me so I backed off and I stayed behind.

“So I did the same to him – and overtook him. We were next to each other and he kept going around the outside.

“At one point I can’t do more because I am on the inside where it is more slippery. And we didn’t really touch.

Replying to Vettel’s comment regarding tyres, he agreed that improvement could be made, although also pointing out that he could not make much of a comparison due to the fact that he’s only ever driven on Pirelli wets.

I think there can be some improvements done, for me it is difficult for me to judge that because I haven’t driven other wet tyres on an F1 car.

“For sure it was hard with the standing water but I am sure Pirelli is doing everything they can to give us the best tyres. We have to speak to them and try to work together to get a better tyre.

The final race of the 2017, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, takes place this weekend, with FP1 starting at 9am GMT on Friday.

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