Ecclestone shuts down claims that he is to be replaced with Brawn as “utter nonsense”

Recent claims that former Formula 1 team principal Ross Brawn is to replace current CEO of the sport Bernie Ecclestone have been shut down by Ecclestone himself.

There were reports earlier this week stating that new F1 owners Liberty Media were interested as employing Brawn as the CEO, replacing Ecclestone.

Brawn has stated that all he is only undertaking a “little consulting” with the media giants, and that his future is dependant on Ecclestone.

I’m staying as the boss. This will not change. I can assure everyone that everything is staying as it is,” Ecclestone told German media.

Despite this, there have been rumours that Liberty Media is keen to make changes in the management of the sport following years of former owners CVC in charge.

However, Ecclestone has pointed out that no major changes can occur soon due to the agreement between the sport and the teams.

It’s quite simple- the Concorde Agreement runs until 2020. Until then, the teams and the rules cannot and will not change.

“The shareholders can of course change, and the new ones will put more emphasis on advertising and commercialisation than CVC did.

He also added that it is too soon for any major changes to happen, due to the fact the takeover of the sport by Liberty Media is not yet complete.

They do not control the company,” Ecclestone told Spanish media.

They have 10 percent of the company and for the moment, I’m still the CEO. It is the same company it has always been.

“If Liberty gets control then they can do whatever they like, as anyone can who owns a company. But at the moment they are not the owners, so they cannot do whatever they want.

With regards to Brawn, Ecclestone has made it clear he does not intend to open the door to the former Ferrari and Mercedes chief.

I would be happy if he went to the FIA,” Ecclestone reported.

But he can’t do anything for us at the moment. We don’t need an engineer or someone with Ross’ skills.

“I haven’t spoken to him in a long time. I have no idea what he will do.”

Whilst talking to German media, Ecclestone commented that the rumours that Brawn will be the ‘new Ecclestone’ as “utter nonsense“.

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