Pirelli confirms tyre options for Brazil and Abu Dhabi

Formula 1 tyre supplier Pirelli have confirmed the tyre options open to the teams for the final two Grand Prix’s of the season- Brazil and Abu Dhabi.

Pirelli announced today [Tuesday] that the options for these two races will feature the widest range of the dry compound tyres.

For the Brazilian Grand Prix on 13 November, it will be the soft, medium and hard tyres- the three hardest compounds- that Pirelli will make available to the teams.

For the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, however, the finale of the 2016 racing season, teams will be able to opt for the ultrasoft, supersoft and soft tyres, the three softest compounds that Pirelli offer this season.

It was the three hardest compounds (soft, medium, hard) that were utilised at the Spanish and British Grand Prix’s, and will be used at the Malaysian and Japanese Grand Prix’s.

By comparison, it was the three softest compounds (ultrasoft, supersoft, soft) that were used at the Monaco, Canadian and Austrian Grand Prix’s, and will be used in the forthcoming Singapore Grand Prix.

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