Supersofts favoured for Hockenheim

Ahead of the German Grand Prix in two weeks’ time, Pirelli has confirmed the tyre selections made by the teams.

Formula 1 returns to Germany after it was axed last year after officials at the Nurburgring failed to make an agreement with F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone, so instead the race this year will be held at Hockenheim.

Earlier this season, Pirelli confirmed that the tyre options available to the teams would be medium, soft and supersoft for the German Grand Prix, their choices being published earlier today.

Both Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg of Mercedes and Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari have mirrored their teammates’ tyre options, the latter going for a total of nine supersofts, three softs and 1 medium, whilst Mercedes are going for eight supersofts, four softs and, like Ferrari, one medium.

Notably, both Force India drivers have opted for a more unusual tyre options, choosing three mediums, four softs and six supersofts. The full list is below:


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