Maldonado targeting Formula 1 seat in 2017

Pastor Maldonado is still eyeing up a possible seat in Formula 1 for 2017, although he is still open to the idea of racing different cars.

Maldonado was a driver in F1 from 2011-2015, driving for both Williams and Lotus, before not being able to gain a seat for the 2016 season. He was set to continue in the sport as Renault took over, however due to a troubled economic situation in his home country of Venezuela, he was unable to secure a seat for this season. He was also notoriously well-known in the sport for his numerous collisions and his somewhat erratic driving style.

Earlier this season, the Venezuelan reported that he had spoken to a few teams about a possible return to Formula 1, and is trying to get a “very good seat” for 2017.

At the moment we are discussing with some teams and trying to get a very good seat in Formula 1, if not we will look around,” Maldonado spoke.

He is also open to drive in other forms of motorsport, after attending an IndyCar race in Iowa, after he “wanted to know about oval races“.

It’s still very early to make a decision,“Maldonado reported on the matter, “but it’s something that caught my attention. It’s completely different, but I have plenty of experience, so it should not be impossible.

Will Maldonado make a return to Formula 1 in 2017? I reckon that the Venezuelan driver will be unable to get a seat or may not even want the seat he is offered, so will probably take a look at other options, such as IndyCar.


      1. His only hope it’s a team like Sauber or Renault since they are on the edge of bankrupcy…and surely if he’ll succede in finding a seat it won’t be for his driving skills…

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  1. I agree, I believe the only fact he retained a seat for so long was due to his financial backing from the Venezuelan (government?), and exactly, Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull, for example, aren’t going to want him. (Not that that matters since all their seats minus Rosberg’s are full for next season).


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