Niki Lauda in secret test for Ferrari

Sources from Maranello have confirmed that the retired Niki Lauda has plans to return to F1 for the 2017 season as a driver for Ferrari in replacement for the under performing Kimi Raikkonen.

The three time World Champion admits that he is a ‘little out of shape’ and states that he has begun a extensive training programme following a successful test using 1980’s cars at Maranello. GP AUSTRIA F1/2014

Talking last week whilst on holiday in Ibiza, Lauda said “Tests have shown that I am still as fast as I ever was and I plan to win another Championship in 2017.”

“This proves that the drivers today aren’t as tough as we were in the 70’s. I am as quick as Sebastian, who will be my number 2 in Ferrari next year.”

I contacted Ferrari today, April 1st, and they refused to deny the story was false.


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