Hamilton doubtful that proposed car changes will improve racing

The current World Champion is doubtful that proposed technical changes to the F1 cars for 2017 in order to make the cars 5 seconds faster will improve the racing quality.

The current plans to overhaul the current cars in the sport by increasing the amount of downforce and increasing the durability of the tyres by the end of April for the 2017 season.

In the past few weeks, many of the drivers in the sport have spoken out openly about about the lack of influence they have when it comes to making changes in the future of the sport. The Grand Prix Driver’s Association issued a statement calling for changes to this in early March.

Ahead of this weekend’s GP in Bahrain, Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton criticised these changes, stating that the cars needed more mechanical grip in order to make improvements to the racing.

“There’s been a lot of talk about the rules and whether the drivers should be more involved in decision making. It’s not our job to come up with ideas and we all have different opinions anyway,” Hamilton reported. “But personally, I think we need more mechanical grip and less aero wake coming off the back of the cars so we can get close and overtake.”

“Give us five seconds’ worth of lap time from aero and nothing will change- we’ll just be driving faster. I speak as somebody who loves this sport and loves racing. I don’t have all the answers- but I know that the changes we’re making won’t deliver better racing.”

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