“It should be open” – Hulkenburg on closed cockpit debate

With the testing for 2016 beginning this week, and F1 regulations for 2017 becoming finalised soon, Nico Hulkenburg has chosen to speak out again about his views on cockpit regulations.

A ‘halo’ protection which would mean that the cockpit is semi-inclosed is what is being proposed, which would protect the driver’s eyes and helmet area, with a clear visor.

F1 Blog - Closed Cockpit
The ‘halo’ protection concept for cars in 2017

Speaking during the initial testing at Barcelona, Hulkenburg stated that tradition and history were the primary reasons why he was against decision.

“It’s a personal thing. I just don’t like it. For me it should be open,” the Force India driver said.

Few drivers have spoken out openly against the proposal, although Sir Stirling Moss and Juan Pablo Montoya have publicly rejected the idea. However, AJ Allmendinger, returned IndyCar in 2013, is the most recent driver in the United States to speak about his preference about closed cockpits, telling NASCAR reporters in Daytona last week that their enforcement was the only way that he’ll return to the sport.

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