Monza given until end of February to resolve F1 future

Bernie Ecclestone, Formula 1 CEO, has told officials at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza that they have until the end of February to resolve the future of the Italian Grand Prix.

Monza has famously hosted the Italian Grand Prix since 1950, for every year except one, when the Formula 1 world championship itself was first created, causing it to be one of the most well-known and iconic circuits on the F1 calendar.

However, in recent months, it’s future has been under speculation following a cut in the amount of tax relief that the race receives by the Italian government. In November, Ecclestone commented that he had “no doubt” that the race and track would remain on the F1 calendar and resolve the problem, renewing its contract when it ends at the end of 2016.

However, now Ecclestone has fresh concerns concerning the circuits’ future regarding Formula 1, and has given it until the end of the month to resolve the issue.

It’s Italian. A lot of conversations at the moment and not much action,” Ecclestone reported.

They said to me a few months ago: ‘Everything is sorted out, we know exactly where we are and it’s all agreed and no dramas.’And now I heard yesterday it’s become very political… They’ll get on with it. Or not. I don’t know what’s going to happen. Nothing we can do about it.

The only people that can sort this out are the people that are currently involved in Italy. They can take as long as they like, provided it’s by the end of this month.

This year, the Italian Grand Prix at Monza is scheduled to take place on September 4th.

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