Sebastian Vettel warns Bernie Ecclestone not to drop Monza from race calendar

Bernie Ecclestone might’ve managed to quiet Sebastian Vettel over tyre matters at the Belgian Grand Prix, but was unable to silence Vettel over matters to do with the future of Monza last weekend.

If we take this race away from the calendar for any s****y money reasons, you are basically ripping our hearts out,” the four-time world champion stated. It was a forceful message to Ecclestone, to make sure Monza stays on the calendar after 2016.

The future of the hugely popular race has been doubtful, mostly because the Italians cannot meet Ecclestone’s large fees. After finishing second at his team’s home grand prix, Vettel refuses to be quietened over this matter.

He was immediately supported by the other podium finishers, Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa. The Brazilian, who finished in third, said: “Here we are in the history of Formula One. We race for the people here. When I see the podium here, people screaming and crying, we cannot lose that.”

Race winner Lewis Hamilton agreed. The 2014 world champion said: “This circuit is such a special one for me and all the drivers. When you stand on that podium you feel incredibly proud to be among all the greats that have stood up there. The sea of fans is unlike anything I’ve seen.”

It’s one of the best tracks in the world. This has to stay here for moral reasons. You’ve got all those fans out there who come every single year. Another grand prix would not have that same impact. We definitely have to keep it.”

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