Fernando Alonso tempted to leave F1 for Le Mans

McLaren driver, Fernando Alonso, is tempted to leave the world for Formula 1 for Le Mans.

Things aren’t going well for Alonso. It’s been years since he’s driven a competitive car on the grid, letting his talents in the sport go to waste. That can be wearing on a racing driver. It’s not a surprise really, that he’s looking for other options.

I love motorsport, all the categories,” he told Autosport, “But it’s true Formula 1 is not exactly the same or as exciting as it was in the past, for me, to drive the cars just two or three seconds faster than a GP2 car.” Alonso isn’t venting his irritation at his team, McLaren- Honda, which has been stuck at the back of the field this year as it struggles to find its feet again and the new engine deal has yet to reward the team. It’s the current F1 rules that Alonso finds irritating. “I’m enjoying this process of starting from zero and getting competitive,” explained the two-time world champion. “But with no testing, with these tires, with these limitations, with the [21-race] calendar for next year, there is the temptation for other categories.”

The thought is that Alonso could move over to Le Mans, whether in addition to or as a replacement for F1. He’s been connected, times before, as a potential switch, such as with his previous team, Ferrari, who were becoming frustrated with F1, and considering moving to Le Mans instead.

Whether or not Alonso remains at F1, will be known later in the future, however it seems, for now, he is staying, binded by his contract for another 3 years.


a) Yes

b) No

c) Unsure

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